To Dance in the Glen

To Dance in the Glen

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Ewan is a Scottish laird who doesn’t follow the rules. He defies expectations of his family and his clan.

Meg is a simple highland lass who never expected more than life as a poor crofter’s daughter.

When Ewan rescues Meg, their passion and love changes their lives and their clan. When other cla

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Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple is a writer and a college writing professor. Graduating from University of California, Riverside with a Master's Degree in English and Literature, she has worked with students of all age levels - from elementary to graduate school - through her college teaching, tutoring, and charter school courses. She started reading when she was 3 years old, writing when she was 4, and published her first poem at age 16. Her interest in logic and rhetoric began when she was 4 ...more