Troubles In My Way: Immoral Sins

Troubles In My Way: Immoral Sins

  • My journey to writing was not a passion, in the beginning, just a dream. One night about five years ago, I called my self going to get a good night's rest, but that did not occur. My eyes were shut, but my mind was wide awake like I was having a conversation. I heard "write, troubles in my way." I didn't understand what that meant, so I ignored it, but it didn't go away. Again I heard "write, troubles in my way." I kept fidgeting back and forth trying to rest but I couldn't, so I remembered what my pastor saying, God talks to us in our mind and mostly when it is at rest. He said to write down whatever he tells us because when we wake up, it would be gone. Well, I did that and put it in the drawer. I didn't want any parts of writing if that was what he told me to do. I ran from the idea for a while, but quite often, the thought came back; I ran for a year. I have many talented interests, but the thought of writing was not one of them. I struggled quite off because I didn't want any affiliation, I kept being disobedient unto God's word; I didn't want him bugging me about that. I had a fear of not knowing what to say, and how to use proper grammar; that was my weak point. After I got so worn down, I had a conversation with him; I asked him to leave me alone about writing. Well, that didn't happen, he stayed on me until I decided I was ready to abide by his request. When I put the first words on my paper, I must say, I was surprised how easy the words came out and I have been writing ever since. I now have a passion for it, and will write until he says I'm done. I am glad, he did not give up on me, now I'm obedient, I can focus, I'm strong and I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind too.2 . 1 Comment
    • Nice. Thanks for sharing! It's inspirational.

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"Troubles In My Way: Immoral Sins," is based on real-life adversities, animosities, hatred, lies, betrayal, theft, drugs, torture, prostitution, brutal beatings, loss of faith, child abuse, bitterness, hostility, revenge, jail and MORE.

Witness the eye-catching mystery & suspense drama, of two peo

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