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Uncle Robert's Secret

Uncle Robert's Secret

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Bob should have known how hard it would be to keep his secret. Especially when the secret he was trying to keep was a bedraggled little boy named Tim. When he shared his secret with his brother Sonny and his sister Debbi, they found themselves up to their ears in secrets, looking for the clues to a ...more

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Wylly Folk St. John was a popular and successful author of children's mystery books and an Atlanta journalist whose work was much admired across America in the mid 20th century.

She was born in 1908 in Bamberg County, SC. She loved to read and maintained an interest in reading and writing from an early age; she even published a poem at the age of 9. She grew up in Savannah where her family had moved and was graduated from Savannah High School. She received a A.B. in Journalism at the