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Under My Skin: A Stepbrother Romance

Under My Skin: A Stepbrother Romance

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All Neka has wanted for years was to be out of the shadow of her perfect stepbrother, Josh. Finally, her dream is set to come true: she's heading off to college in Boston—worlds away from Texas and from the family who despises her. But with only two months before she leaves, something changes, and ...more

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About Author

Verity James is a fiery, red-haired, domestic goddess with a penchant for both sweet and spicy. She may purr like a kitten, but she can wield a whip with both grace and ferocity. She believes in the sensuality of life in all its aspects from food, to sex, to the breathtaking beauty of nature.

When not writing, Verity enjoys surfing Youtube, dancing, yoga, and watching Netflix.