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Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake

Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake

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The beyond-great Hollywood star returns in seven pyrotechnic tales that become—somehow—a family saga spread over seventeen years.

Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake encompasses friends, relations, and some passersby—as James McCourt cocks a cast eye on the seven deadly sins. Some sample

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James McCourt was born in 1941.
McCourt was raised in New York City and educated at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School and Manhattan College, when it was considered the Irish-American Harvard. McCourt briefly studied acting at the Yale School of Drama, but left with fellow student Vincent Virga in 1964 to go to London, to experience the exploding theater scene there. McCourt and Virga have been a couple ever since then. They stayed in London for two periods, from 1964 to 1967, and 1969 t