When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America

When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America

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Blackouts -- whether they result from military planning, network failure, human error, or terrorism -- offer snapshots of electricity's increasingly central role in American society.

Where were you when the lights went out? At home during a thunderstorm? During the Great Northeast

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David E. Nye is Professor of American History at the University of Southern Denmark. The winner of the 2005 Leonardo da Vinci Medal of the Society for the History of Technology, he is the author of Image Worlds: Corporate Identities at General Electric, 1890-1930 (1985), Electrifying America: Social Meanings of a New Technology, 1880-1940 (1990), American Technological Sublime (1994), Consuming Power: A Social History of American Energies (1997), America as Second Creation: Technology and Narra...more