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Will Gallows and the Rock Demon's Blood

Will Gallows and the Rock Demon's Blood

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Sky cowboy, Will Gallows, is finding life hard on the ranch. Should he follow his heart and join the elf side of his family, learning their magical secrets? Or should he join the Sky Cavalry with his friend Jez?

His decision is put on hold when his grandma is kidnapped - by the mos

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Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll is Derek's debut novel for children although, previously, he has published several educational books. He began writing in 2000 as a new millennium resolution and hasn't looked back. Currently, he has a thriving schools program, storytelling and taking creative writing workshops around local schools. He lives in Northern Ireland with his wife, Elaine, who is Canadian, and has twin daughters, Sarah-Jane and Rebekah....more