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Will Gallows - Duel Dans La Mine

Will Gallows - Duel Dans La Mine

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Will Gallows est un cow-boy orphelin de 14 ans, mi-humain mi-elfe, qui vit avec sa grand-m�re dans la contr�e de La Roche du Grand Ouest, peupl�e de cr�atures fantastiques et secou� par d'innombrables tremblements de terre. Son p�re, sous-sh�rif de la ville d'Oretown, a �t� tu� par un horrible trol ...more

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Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll is Derek's debut novel for children although, previously, he has published several educational books. He began writing in 2000 as a new millennium resolution and hasn't looked back. Currently, he has a thriving schools program, storytelling and taking creative writing workshops around local schools. He lives in Northern Ireland with his wife, Elaine, who is Canadian, and has twin daughters, Sarah-Jane and Rebekah....more