• Hello to everyone. I have recently entered the cover for Zero - Earth into the cover of the month contest run by Allauthors.com. I would really appreciate it if any of you would like to vote. There are a lot of other covers there too, so if you see one you like, vote for them as you wish.
    As you can all appreciate, my covers are all hand drawn and then finished digitally by hand. They take time and effort to complete and while they may not be as jazzy as some of the professionally done art, or photo montages, I feel they represent my books perfectly and deserve some love. Thank you everyone, especially if you take the time to vote.
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  • Please to share the cover for book 3, Zero - Earth Fall. This one took a while, the first time i've picked up a pencil in ages.
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  • Zero - Earth Fall (Book 3) has gone to the proof reader and work on the cover has begun in earnest. I am hopeful of an autumn release as I will give the manuscript a final check again myself before uploading. I have now finished darker rewrite of Quinn the Assassin, and edited the cover to a final state. Hopefully I will get this uploaded soon :)0 . Comment
  • My second interview on chat and spin radio went much better. I managed to hold my nerve and got the full answer out to the question:- "What is Zero - Earth about?" A tricky question indeed considering I will never break the number one rule ... No spoilers. See what you think ...

    Zero - Earth follows a superhuman secret agent working for a group of aliens who crashed to Earth millions of years ago. These aliens have been shepherding humanity ever since they arrived, protecting both us and our planet. Zero works hard to fulfil the alien's grand design for humanity, halting us when required but also by seeding new technology to us when the aliens see fit.
    Unfortunately, this puts a target on Zero's back and it's not long before one shadowy figure with deep pockets and plenty of patience paints Zero as a target for extermination.
    Add to this that planet Earth is found by an old foe of Zero's employers and this leads to decades of trouble ahead for Zero and the aliens.
    Zero - Earth is a Sci-Fi action adventure, rooted in the modern age on planet Earth. The plot is deep and there is a lot for the reader to discover and think about, and hopefully enjoy … ;)
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  • If anyone would like to ask me a question regarding Zero - Earth or the upcoming release of Zero - Earth Fire, please feel free to ask on Twitter:- Clifford Barker (@CliffordBarker9), or find me on Facebook, or just message me through Qwertythoughts.com. I will do my level best to reply.1 . Comment
  • For anyone wanting to know more about me and my first Sci-Fi novel Zero -Earth, I shall be on Chat and Spin Radio tonight at 19:50. Maybe I am just beginning to get a handle on the need for publicity, and pushing myself and my book towards the reading masses.2 . Comment
  • Something amazing happened this weekend. I was lucky enough for the good people at Writing to be Read to review my debut Sci-Fi novel, Zero - Earth. A big thank you to Jeff Bowles and Kaye Lynne Booth for their time. I am a very happy chappy! :)

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  • Hello everybody! Just thought I would share the cover of Zero - Earth Fire with you all. This has been a labour of love and a chore to boot. I dislike drawing people, and I can't draw clothing. Check it out by following the link and let me know your thoughts. As with the cover of Zero - Earth, the cover is a scene from the book when a hyperspace conduit delivering an inert Khai-mah missile touches down on our little planet.
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  • Beta reading of my second book, Zero - Earth Fire is all going well. Lynn Buck is a very experienced proofreader who runs a small publishers clearing house in Sheffield. Whilst Lynn is not a massive fan of Sci-Fi, she greatly enjoyed Zero - Earth and actually requested the job of proofreading Zero - Earth Fire. Needless to say I have a small addiction to the misuse of contractions, but she is loving the plot. I just wish I could design the cover art as fast as Lynn can read!!!2 . 1 Comment
  • Very happy to report that editing of Book 2:- Zero - Earth Fire is complete. I have now begun art work development for the cover,3 . 3 Comments
  • Chapter excerpt ... Zero - Earth ...
    Leren was baffled as Geyldian followed the action in a series of jerky movements as if the Thraten in question were his puppets.
    -I say Geyldian … Are you pulling for the Thraten?
    -Well I always was a sucker for the under-dog you know. Zero will win, blah blah. The result is almost a foregone conclusion. What’s interesting is seeing the Thraten learning how to deal with the slimy little bugger. Look now … here they go, if they do this right they have him cornered again.
    Leren had reached the side of his friend when only one second later the body of a Thraten landed with a thud against the glass and a look on his squished face which said “PAIN!”
    The same look transmuted itself onto the good doctor’s face, looking even more ghastly as he didn’t possess anywhere near enough facial muscles to replicate the look accurately. By stark contrast Geyldian was finally enjoying himself, what had been boring before was now becoming a huge source of entertainment for the Second. Not for about two millennia had he been lucky enough to observe actual gladiatorial combat.
    The psychic tittering of his best friend and agent inside his head, said that despite being inside his smallest cloned body, Zero was also enjoying himself. Like a natural habitat overrun with some sort of hardy pest, Zero was now the warden of the hangar, dishing out fake deaths for the sake of sport and education.
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  • Thankfully my grandsons lungs are huge, but he hasn't begun to use them in earnest yet. A cracking weekend editing Zero - Earth Fire. Only 4 more chapters to break down and then it's on to the cover art. Get ready people, Zero - Earth Fire is gonna blow your socks off. I'm really really pleased with this book.1 . Comment
  • In the next day or two I will become a grandad, (young I know), this will either ... Halt all editing on book 2 immediately, or throw it into overdrive. The determining factor will be the size of baby's lungs. ;)2 . Comment
  • Chapter excerpt ... Zero - Earth ...
    Carefully, in the last two minutes, by flexing his wrists slowly and with escalating force, Michael had opened the loops in the rope enough to pull his hands out. It was a squeeze, but it was also now or never. With both hands free and his elbows having hardly moved at all, Michael had covered by chatting idly to Khaalida, speculating about the organisations pursuit of her and Quinn. All the time he maintained eye contact. His final gambit was to stand up and shout loudly, springing in the direction of the knife. Confusion reigned and the normally rock like Khaalida ducked from sheer surprise, before fully realising Michael wasn’t even headed in her direction. The Impala driver performed perfectly in line with Michael's plan. With the knife blade already clicked and locked, he had instinctively held the blade out before him as protection. Before he had a chance to realise he was about to become complicit in Michael's suicide plot, the CIA agent was hilt deep in the sweet spot just to the left of his sternum, in line with the nipple. Blood coursed from the wound. Aside from the initial stabbing pain, Michael quickly began to feel light headed, almost euphoric
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  • A great weekend editing book 2 and adding to the readability. Soon be on the cover art ...2 . Comment
  • Book 2 ... Zero - Earth Fire is currently in editing. In book 2 we learn more about Zero, alias Gray Albern and the Khai heavy ordinance begins to hit Earth. aiming to have the edit complete within the next two months and then I'll design the cover. Also a work in progress is a Zero - Earth Short story:- Quinn the assassin. Find out the origin story of the mortal man who bested Zero. Cover is done, editing is in progress.3 . Comment
  • Hi, In how much time do you complete a book?

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  • Hi Rebecca. I sort of wrote book 1 on and off, before I finished I had the idea for the prequel, but that's book 3 and wrote that completely in around 4 months. Then I went back to finish book 1.
    Then I wrote book 2 in its entirety before doing the final edit on book 1 and publishing. I started writing in summer 2015 and published book 1 Zero - Earth in March 2018. I was not writing the whole time as I have a day job. I also suffered writers block a few times because sci-fi is tricky to come up with something unique which hasn't been done and then crete some science behind it. My guess would be 18 months for all three but I am still editing book 2 right now and I will have to re-write book 3 completely to bring it to the same standard, (in my eyes)

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Super soldier, super spy … Alien odd job man. Gray Albern, alias agent Zero is a busy man as together with his boss and friend Geyldian, an alien clone human hybrid; they attempt to prevent humanity from making leaps which might destroy the planet or themselves.
It’s a mission the circle of Numbers

Featured paragraphs from this book

Quinn was currently suffering through unbearable pain, he could’ve trained for another hundred years and he wouldn’t have been prepared for this. Suddenly Quinn could see his mother signing her frustration at him, a sight he’d seen so many times growing up. Each occurrence had been leading him to this moment. Quinn only had one memory which was worse than the pain he was feeling right now, and as the pair fought on, the recollection of his early life renewed his will to survive. Shaking his head free of needless recollections; Quinn’s mind was now closed. The target before him wasn’t even Zero anymore, but one of the asylum doctors who’d made Quinn so miserable back then. This was payback; and with increased vigour, Quinn fought with his remaining arm as if it were two.


The Caddy pilots all acknowledged the DC-3 and a slight adjustment was entered to the controls to avert collision, at the same time the three Thrall were curious to check out the human craft and had slowed right down, performing a steep backing turn falling into a parallel course a few hundred feet to the rear and right of the DC-3. Unbeknown to the Thrall, the box containing Ra-Sian's precious Lessingia sample had fallen over inside the hold, compressing on impact enough to dislodge the lid and shake the sample. It didn’t take long before the tiny particles of pollen shaken free from one of the particularly well advanced little yellow flowers, dispersed from the hold into the main crew cabin through a small opening in an internal bulkhead. The final push upwards was allowed by the corrective inputs the Thrall had made to begin spying on the plane. The result was not pretty. Inhaling a good breath of pollen into the two holes which were his nostrils, the first Thrall suffered an immediate boost in nasal mucous production. Following this, said Mucous was sneezed over his two compadres like gelatinous bullets. Thrall pilot number two died immediately upon impact, though it was unclear whether he was feeling disgusted or shocked; his little grey face relaxed to drop all expression seconds after death. The situation might’ve been recoverable if pilot two’s dead body hadn’t slumped forward onto the throttle, pushing it wide open. One Thrall down and at maximum velocity the shiny saucer immediately began to destabilise. It didn’t help that Pilot one sneezed again, leaning backwards quite far before unloading two more snotty projectiles at the remaining pilot, with his head still exuding thick green jelly, the first pilot finished his sneeze by head butting the third pilot, sat to his right and slightly across as he had leapt forwards to free the throttle lever from the dead body of pilot number two.


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