Infus'em competition (Saptrang'20)

Infus'em competition (Saptrang'20)

Saptrang'20, in partnership with Qwerty Thoughts presents Infus'em.
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  • "It was dark. The place had a foul smell, it was probably the oil. My friend then arrived. I had  a million questions at that time but there was one that I asked,' Shiven, what am I doing here?'.

    There was something about his cold demanor which sent a chill down my spine. He didn't bother to say anything. Rather, he took out his phone and started typing something. Later I realize, he was sending a message to his co-conspirators. I had no reason to judge his motives. He was the only person who still interatcted with me after I came out of the closet as gay. Everybody detested me. They treated me as I had communicable disease which will spread by even breathing in the same room as me. He was the only person who was nice to me so I decided to play along."

    "And what happened after that?"

    "He offered me a beer. He mentioned that this is his old home. His family still owns it and he uses this as his chill pad. I told him that the place smells nasty and I don't like being there. He reasoned that this won't feel that bad once you get used to the aroma. He offered me a drink and said that we are waiting for a friend of his who is coming to pay up on some debt. As soon as he comes we can leave for the movie. I took a long gulp of the beer that he offered and started checking out that old dingy house where we have decided to pass some time. There was a functional refrigerator and an old bed with a worn out mattress. There were empty beer bottles and ciggrette buds lying all around. I didn't even know why I was there in the first place. As I was getting anxious to go for a movie, I started feeling dizzy and eventually passed out. When I woke up, I had four guys standing towering over me while I was lying there on the floor, naked and tied. All I could do was plead them to let me go while they started laughing and eventually took their turns with me. They also took a lot of pictures and shot videos which was supposed to buy my silence. There was nothing that I could have done anyways but then they started blackmailing me. They cornered me in the college and raped me in the college, their homes and whereever they felt like. When they eventually got bored of tormenting me, they devised a new plan to add to my miseries. They forced me to start dressing as a woman whenever we met. It was like I was their personal prostitue available at their beck and call.'

    'How long did all this go on?'

    'It went on like this for 4 years. It was not just those 4 guys at the end of it. They started selling me to their friends and to anyone who as willing to pay a 100 ruppees for me. That is what they priced me at.'

    'If they had you all under their control this whole time, what made you rise against them after so many years now?'

    'I was already stuck under their claws and was helpless and so I have resigned to my fate of slavery for as long as it took but then one day, something happened.'


    'One of Shiven's friend showed up drunk in my house. While this was the first time somebody has showed up there but it was not just crossing all limits. As I was trying to reason with him on the door to leave, my little sister showed up. It would have been okay if he would have left but then, he started making a scene and even started calling names to my little sister. While he knew that I was not strong enough to wrestle with that dog, he started harrassing my sister. Finding myself in a helpless condition, I don't know how I mustered enough strength but I had to do something. Probably, him calling me a sissy who couldn't even defend his own sister triggered this but I slapped him. I slapped him with all I had. It wasn't enough to harm him but it certainly shocked him out of his intoxicated state. He looked at me all amused and left. I thought it was over but little did I know that it would lead to something even worse.
    One day, three guys sneaked into my house in the middle of the night. Obviously, I couldn't fight them off and couldn't let anyone know of their presence so I cooperated. I cooperated with the hope of finishing them up quietly but then, one of them asked me that where's my little sister's room as he wanted a quickie with her as well. That was it. I lost it and bit a guy off and he started shouting. Everybody woke up and rushed to my room. They saw me naked with four other guys and naturally, that was the last time I saw my parents. Please pardon me for a moment.'

    'It's alright. I can only imagine what it must've felt like.'

    'Then, out of a sudden I had nothing. No family, no home, no money to go anywhere, no friends. I had absolutely nothing. And then, you know about the rest. I took shelter with a kindered soul running NGO. Though it was for elderly but Seema Ji took me in and gave me courage to fight back with life. And here I'm now.'

    'The journey was as terrible as any.'

    'You just have an idea.'

    'Anything you want to share with the viewers.'

    'Just for people like me. Call for help and somebody will show up.'

    'It's like you're Dumbledore. Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask. But then, you're nothing less than a wizard who made wonders happen. A last question for you.'

    'Yes, please.'

    'How did you feel addressing India's largest LGBTQ rally?'

    'I felt like a bird about to fly for the first time. There was still fear inside me. I had to let it go.'

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