Pricing, Services and Delivery currently sells subscriptions, services, packages and books which can only be electronically delivered where physical movement of goods is not involved.

1) Self Publishing on Qwerty Thoughts

Self Publishing on Qwerty Thoughts is free and the author will keep 100% of net profits. Your book will be available for reading on and will be sold according to the price set by you and approved by us. You can view the content submission and price setting guidelines for details.

2) Reading and Purchasing Books on Qwerty Thoughts

Members can purchase full e-books or pay-as-they read them according to their needs. Every book’s full price as well as the estimated price for pay-as-you read is mentioned on the book’s description page.

Books which are copyright free or are made available for free by their owner are available for a free reading on Qwerty Thoughts, and members will not be charged anything for reading them.

Books on are non-downloadable and non-transferable. They can be read only on the website which can be accessed on all browsers and devices worldwide.

3) Author promotions and Marketing services

Authors can get in touch with us for customized marketing & promotion services, organising book launch events, reviewing books, getting interviewed and other comprehensive market expansion promotions for their books. Mail us at

4) Advertisements and Sponsorships

We can be reached at for collaborations, sponsorships and advertisement of books, publishers or any other products or services related or not related to books.

5) Author services related to book publishing

Qwerty Thoughts provides services related to book publishing to authors, directly or through other members or third parties. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in availing them, either through the contact us form or mail us at

6) Payments

Payment will be made after deducting the processing fees and taxes, when you reach the threshold of USD 15 or INR 1000. The payment will be released by the end of the month in which you reach this threshold.
Payments in USD will be made via PayPal and payments in INR will be made through bank transfer.

Once your sales amount reaches the payment threshold, you will automatically receive a mail seeking details of your Paypal account/Bank account.

As soon as you respond to that mail with your account details, it will be sent to the finance team and you will be paid in the upcoming billing cycle.

We process payouts of all eligible payments in the last week of every month.