Refunds & Cancellation Policy currently sells subscriptions, services, packages and books which can only be electronically delivered where physical movement of goods is not involved.

1) Subscription Fees Payment

Subscription fees applicable(if any) for accessing books on the website are non-refundable once paid.

By selecting a subscription plan, you agree to pay the monthly or annual subscription fees- . Payments will be charged on the day you sign up for the subscription.The subscription fee including all taxes, is non-refundable.

2) Purchase or Pay-as-you read e-Books

Once a full e-book is purchased, it cannot be resold, transferred or returned in any case. Payment done while using the “pay-as-you-read” service will incur charges only upto the extent the book has been read or for the total time that the book has been read. The price for every book both for full purchase as well as for "pay-as-you-read" is mentioned on all books available for sale on the site.

There is no refund, whatsoever in case of both full book purchase as well as "pay-as-you-read".

3) Author promotions and Marketing services

The fees for all author promotion and marketing services is non-refundable, except in the case, where the service has not been delivered at all.

Refund can be demanded only in the case where we haven’t started working on the service demanded, or where the author has cancelled using written mode of communication to express that he/she doesn’t want to avail the services, before we start providing the service.

Promotion and marketing services usually begin instantly once the member pays for them, hence it is difficult to stop and refund.

For non-instant marketing and promotion services, cancellation should be demanded atleast 24 hours in advance before the start of the service, to qualify for a refund. Members can ask for a refund in such a case by mailing us at

4) Advertisements and Sponsorships

Members or third parties can advertise their books, services and anything related to their content, publishing or more. Members or third parties can also sponsor events, meetups, articles, stories and other possible partnerships with Qwerty Thoughts.

The refund and cancellation policy will apply as per individual agreement made for such arrangements. Members can mail us to ask for setting up individual agreements if they are interested in advertising or sponsoring with us -

5) Author services related to book publishing

Qwerty Thoughts may provide services related to book publishing to authors, directly or through other members or third parties.

Refund will be applicable only if the work for which fee was paid has not been done at all. Members can ask for a refund in such a case by mailing us at

Cancellation allowed only till 3 hours of confirming the order by paying for it.

6) Other services and purchases made on

Some services which may have not been mentioned above due to their customizable or personalized nature, such as book launch events, book promotion events etc., but are provided through written communication on the website or outside the website using email come under the purview of “Other services and purchases”.

The fee, if any, as discussed before availing the services through written communication will be applicable as decided and you agree to pay the fees after confirming that you want to avail that service.

You may cancel your account or association with Qwerty Thoughts at any time; however, there are no refunds for cancellation or disassociation. In the event that we terminate your account on the grounds of violation of our terms, you understand and agree that you shall receive no refund or exchange for any unused time on a subscription of our service or for other services or purchases.