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Janeen Abdo

Journey through the world of books. Adventure one can only dream of

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Journey through the world of books. Adventure one can only dream of
Loving literature and the adventure a good book can take you inspired me as a young child to be an avid reader. As I grew older I played with poetry finding unique ways to send messages that were dear to me. As an adult, my messages have become less dark and more concerned. My first series of books are short novelettes about the Elementals and the destruction of the Earth. The mistreatment of the Earth and its inhabitants are something that I hold dear to me. Recognizing everyone is unique but should be allowed to express themselves. The fantasy realms help me leave the world we live in, and adventure in one we would only dream of. The adventures I write are a combination of my dreams and beliefs brought to life. I had worked in manufacturing most of my life and had been downsized several times. I went on to college received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Programs and am now a Buyer/Planner by day and Fantasy write by night. Writing started out as a way to express and vent about the trials of life. It has grown to be a way to share with others who want to get away from the stress of life to a world of beauty and magic.
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Sep 23, 2018 . Pecatonica, Illinoia

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