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Diana Joy Albertsen
Breaking the cycle of child abuse is quite literally a life and death proposition...

Diana Joy is an author, foster parent, adopted 5 teen girls and the president of the “Unseen Child Foundation”. She had to find the strength inside herself to face her past so that she could break the cycle of pain for herself and for the children she is privileged to help everyday in her home and through the Unseen Child Foundation.
“Looking Through the Eyes of an Unseen Child” is an amazing story of survival against overwhelming obstacles - internal and external, physical and emotional - takes you into the world of a small child who is abused and crying out - although no one in her world was listening. The young Diana coped in the only way she could, by making an inner world where she was safe and understood.
Diana describes in vivid detail the faces of her siblings and of herself in an attempt to educate those working with children to recognize the silent screams for attention, help and most of all understanding.
Graced at an early age with an introduction to God, Diana was able to endure, grow, forgive and finally thrive as an adult. She drew from the strength of this unseen friend, God to help her through. If you are an unseen child, you’re not alone. This book is intended to give you the tools to become seen.
If you work with children, Diana’s message will give you insights into the unseen child’s painful world, so that you will be able to reach them in a profound, meaningful and potentially life-saving way.
Diana Joy arrived in Denver in 1982. While working hard to get her Associates Degree in Child Development and Learning at Colorado Christian University she met her husband David Albertsen. At the young age of 18 Diana Joy made a commitment to reach out to children who lived in the inner-city. The community that was considered unsafe was where she would be found helping young teens address pregnancy, rape and child abuse. In the fall of 1982, Diana Joy and David began assisting a total of six children and within 3 months Diana Joy had over 80 children dependant on that weekly connection through the Downing Medical. The Downing Medical Center offered free Health Care, Mental Health Care, as well as a Food Bank and Clothing bank. At the age of 18 Diana Joy was already beginning to make the difference in the lives of children from disadvantaged communities in and around Denver. Over the next twenty five years Diana Joy and her husband continued to stay focused on their belief that it just takes one person to change the life of a child and through that one child many generations can be changed.
1982-1984 Colorado Christian University – Child Development and Learning. Diana Joy volunteered in underprivileged areas throughout Denver.
1982-1995 Diana worked with young teen mothers and mothers who were low-income, watching their children at the cost of $35 a week. The money she received for each child didn’t even cover the food, activities and special outings. But Diana Joy and her husband David stayed fast on their mission to help those who were otherwise ignored due to low income, disabilities, emotional trauma or physical ailments.
1995-2005 Mr. and Mrs Albertsen worked with difficult teens through the foster care system. Starting with some of the top ten criminals in the state of Colorado. Diana was known to take on kids who society feared had already been lost. She and her husband were able to turn the lives of these teens around to give them hope for their future. During this process the Albertsen’s also adopted five teen girls while raising three of their own. Working with Probation Officers, Social Workers, Police Officers, and Therapist were a part of Diana and David’s weekly agenda for each child who came into their home.
July 2005: Spoke at the Correctional Facility for Woman in Missoula Montana. The subject was “Stopping the Cycle of Abuse”.

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