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Hello. I write YA / NA novels, I’m tall, and my hair is now shorter and redder than in this pic. Other than that, we’re good.

My books have been translated into several languages and have reached the top 10 of both the Amazon and iBooks charts. My LinkedIn page has more CV stuff, plus editorial endorsements.

My favourite food is Thai curry with coconut rice and Christmas cake, tho’ not at the same time HAHA.
I love a stud, of the metal-on-clothes-and-shoes variety. I don’t like studly men. They’re weird and serious. I like silly men, who are weird and lovely.

If I could have anyone over for tea, it’d be Vanessa Bell (for talking about sex in posh accents), Diana Athill (ditto, plus books), Mary Wesley (ditto again, plus the war), Lee Mack (he funny) and Don Draper (he sexy. And, yes, a bit studly. But he’s from the ‘60s so it’s OK).

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