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Kipjo K. Ewers

The EVO Universe specializes in creating innovative science fiction, supernatura

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The EVO Universe specializes in creating innovative science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy stories for a modern, multi-cultural and evolving global audience. Through our powerful, diverse and sophisticated cast of characters and multi-dimensional storytelling, we strive to create a state of inclusion that brings fans of these genres together around the world. Our motto “Evolve or Die,” signifies our core value and commitment to both producing and raising the bar when it comes to unique storytelling.
Kipjo K. Ewers was born July 1, 1975. At an early age, he had an active imagination. By the time he started kindergarten he would create fictional stories, one of his favorites was about a character named “Old Man Norris” who hated everyone in the world except for him. When Kipjo attended our Lady of Victory Elementary school in Mount Vernon, NY he continued writing and reading stories to his classmates. His teacher, Mrs. Green, told him the children would laugh. However, she would remind Kip...more

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