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Eden Gruger

Humour, Candour, Cake

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Humour, Candour, Cake
Writing has been my passion since I was a small child, and my ambition was always to publish a book; but it took many years for me to really hear the voices of my characters and know how to write them, but once I did 'Down With Frogs; took shape within a matter of months. I learnt to read before I went to school and have always loved the escapism of books. As reading is so important to me I wanted to make my book accessible to people with literacy issues and dyslexia, and so following research with the British Dyslexia Association my book has a slightly larger font, wider spacing between lines, a font with a regular shape, and each story starts with a bold title to emphasis the starts and finish of a story. Too many people struggle with reading comfortably, which gets in the way of them becoming regular readers, if I can help people to learn books are for them - then I will be delighted!
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