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Pat McConnaughey

I am a therapist and I write on self improvement topics.

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I am a therapist and I write on self improvement topics.
I am an author as well as an avid reader.  While I enjoy reading classic novels, I mainly read nonfiction books in the self-improvement and psychology categories. I love history, and read a lot of books from yesterday, some of which are centuries old. There is much wisdom to be found there. For the most part, my early career was focused on management and administration in various capacities. After retirement, I worked as a therapist, specializing in working with children in school settings, K-12. In addition, I operated an outpatient office working with clients of all ages; I was also a certified addictions counselor, and held international certification. I love music, spending time with family, and enjoy the out of doors.


Youtube Channel: Patrick McConnaughey

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