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From a secret diary to short stories, Kavya Mohindroo is a young and budding aut...

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From a secret diary to short stories, Kavya Mohindroo is a young and budding author and storyteller.

From a secret diary to short stories, a young author and storyteller Kavya Mohindroo begins to morally change the world through literacy. Could a youth writer captivate an older audience? Kavya Mohindroo is a young writer that is changing the morality of a nation.

Born October 28, 2010, in Gurugram, Haryana India, Kavya is one of the youngest storyteller and author with such accolades. Most recently, the recipient of "The ScoolStar of the Year 2019 (School Level) for Story Writing" in her school, Kavya has completed several short stories.

With the support of her family, Kavya has a unique perspective of youth experiences and a desirable storytelling technique that resonates with the daily lives of youth and adults. “It appears like it is our own story,” exclaims a reader. Kavya started writing stories around the age of 7 or perhaps when she was 8. At one fine day, her father found out that this was a great outlet for young Kavya.

Although writing is her favorite pastime, Kavya likes playing outside with her friends, especially badminton. She often hints to her parents that she loves dogs and soon wants one of her own. Like many young girls her age, she likes movies like Frozen and the Harry Potter Series. She has also begun to share videos on her social media networks like Facebook. Kavya’s goals do not stop at short stories, she also hopes to speak for and with other young authors and entrepreneurs in the future.

Kavya Mohindroo welcomes you to follow her journey on her Facebook Page You may please press the button on this facebook page to be the first to get all the updates from her. Never forget to submit comments and share her posts with others.

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