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Alison Huntingford

A Devon based author who uses family history to inspire my novels

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A Devon based author who uses family history to inspire my novels
I have a degree in Humanities with Literature and have always enjoyed reading, especially the great writers of the 19th Century, such as Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy. A great deal of my working life has been spent teaching English and maths to young people in the workplace. Nowadays I find myself trying to pass on my love of the classics to people who were born in the 21st Century. It’s a hard task but if I can impart even the tiniest bit of enthusiasm, then I'll feel I have achieved something.

 I have done many different jobs in my working life, from nursing to shelf filling and everything in-between! Having lived long enough now, I realise that life very rarely goes to plan. 

Being the only child of two only children, I have always felt a distinct lack of family. This led me to research my family history and what I found there fascinated me. The Glass Bulldog is my first novel but there is another one currently in progress, again based on the true stories of my ancestors. I feel the lives of ordinary people can be just as sad, funny, dramatic and interesting as anyone famous. We are all just struggling to survive. 
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In conversation with Alison Huntingford

Aug 22, 2019 . Devon, England

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