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Urvashi Vats
An Author, Poet|Cert.LifeCoach(Parentng&Famly, Relationshp&Career, FearOfPub.Speakng|BookRevwr
31 books 49 followers
Diane Guntrip
Educator and author of 'Dear H' and 'The Daisy Chain'.
1 book 18 followers
Prateek Gupta
Exploring the creation.
5 books 15 followers
Louisa Jolanda
Poetess - www.louisajolanda.com
3 books 14 followers
A simple girl trying to write about extraordinary things
4 books 26 followers
Clifford Barker
Engineer writing the Zero - Earth book series
2 books 15 followers
Janeen Abdo
Journey through the world of books. Adventure one can only dream of
2 books 13 followers
I am a uniquely gifted person who is about insoiring and motivating the world.
4 books 15 followers
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Meet award-winning children's author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
7 books 13 followers
Lynn Miclea
Author, Musician, Healer, and Dog Lover - I Love Reading, Writing, and Publishing Books!
21 books 11 followers
Sehloho Piet Rampai
Pan Africanist/Poet/writer/author/Editor
5 books 9 followers
Storyteller | Writer | Community Builder
2 books 14 followers
Storyteller, author and bookworm.
3 books 15 followers
Richard Steele
I came, I saw, I concubined
1 book 4 followers
Dawn Dittmar
Dawn Dittmar, Lawyer, Teacher and Author of "Pattie's Best Deal"
1 book 5 followers
Koos Verkaik
author of novels and series of children's books
5 books 9 followers
Kipjo K. Ewers
The EVO Universe specializes in creating innovative science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy stories for a modern, multi-cultural and evolving global audience. Through our powerful, diverse and sophisticated cast of characters and multi-dimensional storytelling, we strive to create a state of inclusion that brings fans of these genres together around the world. Our motto “Evolve or Die,” signifies our core value and commitment to both producing and raising the bar when it comes to unique storytelling.
5 books 7 followers

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MJ Vieira
A dark fantasy, paranormal, horror author who loves music.
Ashwarya Bisen
Learner, passionate and believer of the education is the solution of every problem.
Prashant Raj
Indian who have read only 8 books completely
interested in literature
Jennifer Freedman
Long-time professional journalist, just published my first book
Dawn Funnell
Author of Temira Burtons and the Pharaoh's Treasure
1 book
timothy j Ahrens
dark fantasy writter, reader. Anime lover.
2 books
Saira Hafeez
Educationist by passaion, writer by passaion.
1 book
Peter Pascual
I love reading and writing.
1 follower